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Fill in your knowledge gaps and brush up on the essentials of the Maritime Industry with Cusack & Co’s Propel Forward Online Course


4 Week Course

Learn all the essential basics and building blocks of the shipping industry in just 4-weeks.

Learn from Industry Professionals

Know that you are learning from experienced industry professionals and academics.

Upskill in Your Career

Take your own initiative in gaining new knowledge and skills, placing yourself ahead of the game.

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Recent Graduate Ready to Enter?

Are you a recent graduate who is interested in entering the Maritime Industry but you're lacking the essential knowledge to get yourself started? Fill in your knowledge gaps now!

Experienced Professional Changing Industries?

You're well established in your career but you're shifting industries into maritime? Propel your knowledge and fill in the gaps with the essential basics.

In the Industry Already?

Are you already working in the industry but never received any formal training and feel you need to know MORE? All the information you need is waiting for you.

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Ready to take the lead and up-skill yourself for the Shipping Industry? Access the course now!

Stay in the know when it comes to the ins and outs of the Maritime Industry

Cusack & Co are committed to providing you with the ongoing essential knowledge you need. With more masterclasses and resources in the making, don't let your learning stop after 4-weeks.

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